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Do You Really Need to Go to Meetings During Treatment?

Posted in Relapse Prevention

Do You Really Need to Go to Meetings During Treatment?When you’re in a treatment facility, going to meetings is part of a plan that someone else makes for you. Once you’re on your own, you may find yourself wondering whether you really need to keep going to meetings. Life can be overwhelming at times. You may be trying to juggle a job and family responsibilities. You might be taking classes or have medical problems that make it difficult to get to meetings.

In the end, nobody can determine for you what you need to do to stay sober, but before you decide to stop going to meetings, here are some reasons for continuing:

Meetings will remind you that you are not alone. Staying away from a drink or a drug can be lonely. If you are surrounded by people who are not in recovery, you may start to feel terribly alone and different from them. Going to meetings will remind you that you are not alone.

Meetings will remind you of the “yets.” People who don’t go to meetings don’t hear about the “yets.” They are things that haven’t happened to you … yet. Just because you haven’t ended up in dire straits because of your addiction doesn’t mean that you won’t. When you go to meetings, you will hear from people who have had these experiences, and they will remind you of all of the good reasons to stay sober.

At meetings, you can find support from people who truly understand. People who are not in recovery say they understand, but many times they don’t, not on the same level. The compulsion that drives a person to commit a crime or destroy relationships or jobs is usually beyond the comprehension of anyone who isn’t an addict. In meetings, you are surrounded by people who truly get it.

You have the right to decide for yourself whether to go to meetings, but you have a lot to lose if you start using again. Just remember: meeting makers make it.