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Alcohol Addiction Rehab Followed By a Life of Behavior Modification

Posted in Relapse Prevention

Too often the person who is struggling with an addiction to alcohol is written off as someone who simply lacks self-discipline. The person who is a teetotaler and the one who can enjoy a single glass of wine over dinner fail to realize that, for some, alcohol is an addiction and addiction is an illness. Unfortunately, addiction is not the kind of illness which can be cured and forever put behind you. Instead, it will require skilled treatment in a rehab center, followed by a lifetime of intentional thought and behavior modification.

Addiction is the result of a complex blend of physiological and environmental risk factors. A person’s family history of alcohol misuse can contribute to their developing alcohol addiction, but many believe that equally strong is the impact of certain brain chemical imbalances. While the causes of alcohol addiction for a given individual may be rather imprecise, it is certain that very few, if any, can beat addiction on their own. Most people will greatly benefit from the aid of others trained in addiction recovery. Finding a rehab facility that matches your specific needs is an all-important first step.

But, as a recent online news piece pointed out, even among rehab facilities there are varying approaches to recovery. Some do not set total abstinence as a goal, but instead focus on reducing alcohol consumption until the intake reaches a healthier level and the negative habits of over-drinking have been replaced. On the other hand, many programs embrace a hands-off approach to alcohol recovery. Since addiction is an illness that can find recovery, these rehab programs work to replace use of alcohol with other less destructive choices that are not inherently risky for the former addict.

What is most important for those around a person recovering from addiction to remember is that addiction rehab is really a lifelong affair. The person will need support and affirmation as they choose every day for the rest of their lives to live a sober life.