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Nine NFL Teams Join MADD in Efforts to Stop Drunk Driving

Posted in Drunk Driving

Before the Super Bowl XLVI got under way this year, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) teamed up with the National Football League (NFL) to promote MADD’s game day designated driver program. The program signed up 220,000 fans in 2011 to become designated drivers.

Jan Withers, National President for MADD, says the partnership with the National Football League ensured the nine NFL’s leagues would work together to help their fans include safe rides for this year’s Super Bowl party plans. Withers says the program’s success is proof of the dedication the NFL has to reducing drunk driving and will help ensure the game day experience is fun but also safe for fans. There also was a pre-game presence by MADD members throughout parking lots at the Indianapolis stadium to pass out information cards and urge fans to be designated drivers.

Jeff Miller, the NFL Chief Security Officer, says their partnership shows the commitment the NFL has to making sure their fans have a positive but safe Super Bowl experience that includes having a designated driver after the game. Miller feels the partnership has been very effective in promoting fan safety and responsibility.

The most recent feature of the dual partnership is the NFL’s support of the new MADD program to prevent underage drinking. MADD’s program is parent focused and is an underage drinking prevention program that was launched last April as a National Day for parents to begin conversation with their children about the dangers of alcohol. It was called the first annual Power Talk 21 day and there is a Power of Parents handbook that is given as tool for parents to begin the conversation about alcohol.

Last fall, the NFL joined MADD in a Facebook campaign to urge students to stand against illegal underage drinking and set positive examples for their peers. This program is called MADD Props ™ and is another joint effort to help reduce the cases of drinking and driving.