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Experts Fear New Zealand Breakfast Beer Is Promoted Toward Alcoholics

Posted in Alcoholism

In a jaw-dropping campaign that experts say may be preying on alcoholics, a New Zealand company has begun marketing and selling a beer formula for breakfast. Addiction experts are expressing fears that the product may encourage people to continue drinking who are the most vulnerable to alcoholism.

Called Moa Breakfast, the wheat beer is a lager that is modeled after a breakfast beer sold in Europe. Moa Breakfast is described as having a fruit taste and has been also used during the afternoon, says an article about the product featured online at New Zealand’s

The maker, Moa Brewing Company, said the breakfast beer promotions were the same as other promotions encouraging people to consume champagne as a breakfast beverage. Moa representatives also said the beer comes in lesser-sized bottles than champagne and has less alcohol content. They added that alcohol at the breakfast table is not uncommon for New Zealand and many other global regions.

Doug Sellman, director of the National Addiction Centre, disagrees. Sellman says that marketing the consumption of alcoholic beverages for breakfast is encouraging people to drink alcohol at the start of the day – which can be a hallmark of people who suffer from alcoholism. Sellman and others have said that the company is targeting alcoholics in its promotions of the product.

Instead, Sellman suggests that federal officials view alcohol as harmless and benign – comparing it to milk – and that $200,000 is allocated each day toward the promotion of alcohol while thousands of lives are being lost and families destroyed due to alcoholism.