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It’s Just Wine

Posted in Alcoholism

There is often a perception among both drinkers and abstainers alike that alcoholics rely mainly on hard liquor to get their fix. This perception logically makes sense as hard liquor delivers substantially more alcohol per ounce than any other drink, making a person’s road to inebriation that much shorter. The problem with this perception is that it helps to create denial. 

Often used as a social indicator or even as a health benefit, wine has found new status among both the elite and health conscious alike. And, while the consumption of one glass can benefit the heart and blood vessels, Science Daily reports that these positive effects on biological markers disappear with two drinks. At this point wine has gone from healthy drink to just another alcoholic beverage.

There is no such thing as only a small drink for an alcoholic. The person struggling with this disease is going after the alcohol and they rarely care what form they are able to find it in – even if they are still denying that they even have a problem. A person who must have a few glasses of wine every night to get through the evening is not just having wine – they have a problem.

The problem in relation to alcoholism is that wine is viewed as a drink that is on a completely separate platform; one that can provide health benefits and is designed to be consumed slowly and the flavor enjoyed. With such an approach to positioning, how could anyone ever become dependant upon wine? The answer is simple really – wine is not satisfying the addiction, it is delivering the drug that satisfies the addiction.

All of the signs associated with alcoholism can arise in an addicted individual, no matter their drink of choice. If the person displays dependence on the drink, is irritable if the drink cannot be had, displays aggression, lies about or denies drinking, feels guilty about their drinking or must continually drink more to get the desired effect, the form of drink has no bearing on whether or not the individual is an alcoholic.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month and for the alcoholic, there really is no such thing as just wine or just beer. Instead, it is a habitually addictive problem that exists to cover deeper and often more troubling issues. Help is available and recovery is possible, but first the person has to recognize the demon and acknowledge the addiction.

As Johnny Paycheck so eloquently said it, “It’s just a matter of wine.” This creative play on words perfectly highlights the potency that wine presents to the average person, even if it is perceived quite differently. Wine comes in a variety of flavors, prices and colors, but each and every one can be a potent problem for someone who believes it really is just wine.