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Dennis Rodman Blames His Behavior on Alcoholism

Posted in Alcoholism

Even though his North Korea visits were meant to promote goodwill, it appears former NBA player Dennis Rodman caused more harm than good.


Rodman faced backlash after traveling to North Korea to play in an all-star basketball game to celebrate dictator Kim Jong Un’s birthday. During the trip Rodman gave a drunken live interview that caused anger and resentment in both North Korea and the United States.

According to a Rodman representative, the former star’s drinking problem caused him to lash out at reporters and make comments regarding American Kenneth Bae, who is currently imprisoned in North Korea. Rodman insinuated that Bae deserved his sentence of 15 years hard labor. That comment enraged the prisoner’s family, who complained about the interview. Rodman has since apologized, admitting he was under the influence of alcohol.

Rodman also displayed erratic behavior during the North Korean trip. Human rights activists and officials state that Rodman’s behavior does not paint the United States in a positive light, and also distracts from North Korea’s nuclear capabilities and political instability.

It came as no surprise to many that Rodman checked into rehab for alcohol abuse shortly after returning to the U.S. His rep reported that Rodman had drank heavily in North Korea, which explained his inappropriate comments and erratic behavior. Rodman claims that the pressure to perform in North Korea, on top of the high standards his fans put on him, all added to the stress that led to his drinking problem.

Rodman’s agent, Darren Prince, commented that Rodman feels embarrassed and remorseful for his actions. Many political leaders and activists said his actions made a mockery out of the much larger problems happening in North Korea.

Rodman’s battles with drugs and alcohol are nothing new. He entered a rehab facility for the first time in 2008, and in 2009 appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. He then later entered a sober living facility after being sober for 21 days, which was also filmed for a reality show. Three years later, he caused those close to him to admit he was still suffering from alcohol abuse after he was forcibly removed from an Orange County, California, restaurant for disruptive behavior.

Like Rodman, many people face negative consequences that result from alcoholism. Alcohol depresses the behavioral inhibitory centers in the brain, which are responsible for processing information from the senses. Because of that, added to the fact that alcohol inhibits a person’s logical thought process, those under the influence of alcohol are not able to think clearly and make poor decisions.

If family members or friends notice that a loved one’s behavior is consistently altered due to their drinking habits, that may be sign that they are struggling with the effects of alcoholism and should consider seeking help or talking with them.