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New Possibilities For Alcohol Abusers

Posted in Alcoholism Treatment

A drug used to help smokers kick their habit may actually end up helping heavy drinkers too.

An article in Science Codex detailed information about a study involving the drug Varenicline, which is a medication used to eliminate the positive feeling of nicotine for those who smoke.

Researchers found the effects that Varenicline had with smokers had similar effects with drinkers.

While the drug did not eliminate the feeling of needing a drink completely for those described as heavy drinkers, it did help them cut down on consumption significantly. Rather than having five or six drinks a night, the person may have one or two.

The findings could help heavy drinkers learn to control their habit in a more reasonable way. It could help them find another source of relief from the constraints that alcohol may have on their life and help them get a feeling of control back from the substance.

This is also welcomed news for family and friends of those who live with or love someone who abuses alcohol. This drug, if approved for use in this matter, could be the perfect way for heavy drinkers to get the help they need. In some cases, the individual may not be in a position that they need to abstain from drinking completely; they just need help in managing the amount they drink.

The person may be abusive or dangerous when they drink several drinks a day, but can function normally on one or two. It makes the individual realize that they do not have to give up alcohol all together, but they can still enjoy a drink or two without the concerning side effects.

This might be the solution for some near alcoholics to realize that they do have a problem and can help themselves rather than waiting for a full fledged situation to occur, that in many times may be too late.