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American Pie Actor Chris Klein Speaks About Alcohol Rehab

Posted in Alcoholism Treatment

Talking about alcohol addiction and rehab is very difficult for celebrities and the rest of the population. Recently actor Chris Klein, who stars in American Pie and American Reunion, has talked in media interviews about his own long fight with alcohol addiction and abuse.

Klein’s alcohol addiction has made headlines before, especially with his DUI offense in 2010, the second for the actor. While the subject matter for American Reunion and American Pie is largely humorous, Chris Klein’s conversations in interviews about his alcohol abuse are anything but funny. The actor says he nearly lost his life and thinks about the addiction and its consequences often. He also reflects on how the addiction changed his career and personal life.

Klein’s first DUI charge came in 2005, on the brink of a breakup with fiancé and actress Katie Holmes. The second DUI offense came five years later, and prompted the actor to begin a 30-day rehab program for alcohol addiction.

Other reports by Klein’s publicist have noted how the actor is looking closely and more distinctly at his ongoing alcohol addiction, and the reality that recovery is going to involve the help of others. Now reported at having achieved more than a year and a half of sobriety, Chris Klein has proclaimed himself as incredibly lucky.

Alcoholism is recognized as a true disease in the medical and mental health communities, and research continues to prompt new treatments and reduce the stigma toward reaching out for professional help and disease management. An estimated two billion people across the globe are living with the disease of alcoholism.