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Non-Alcoholic Wine Released in Italy

Posted in Alcohol Abuse

A new non-alcoholic wine has been launched onto the Italian market in an effort to combat alcohol abuse. The 0.5% wine is made from fully fermented wine that is vacuum-distilled to reduce the alcohol content.

The release of the wine, called Winezero, follows Italian Agricultural Minister Luca Zaia’s praise of non-alcoholic wine in curbing alcohol abuse.

Winezero is being made in made in Valladolid, Spain, from grapes from the Duero, Rueda, and Cigales and the range includes a red, white, rosé, and an American oak-aged red.

The wine was created by Italian entrepreneurs Massimiliano Bertolini and Manuel Zanella, who are targeting young people and those who don’t want to, or can’t, drink alcohol.

“We’re not in competition with traditional wine. It’s a new drink, equal to decaffeinated coffee or non-alcoholic beer,” Bertolini said.

“De-alcoholized wine is already trendy in Spain, France, and Germany. There was a gap in the Italian market and it was the right time to fill it,’” Bertolini said.