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New Zealand Females Increasing Binge Drinking Activities

Posted in Alcohol Abuse

Binge drinking activities can put a person at risk, even if he or she does not have a problem with alcohol on a day-to-day basis. And, while men have been known to consume more alcohol in a sitting than most women, new research is suggesting that women are trying to step up the pace.

According to a News Stalk ZB report, young women are increasingly being admitted to hospitals after a binge drinking episode. This increase was reported by the Alcohol Health Watch in New Zealand. It appears that females want to catch up to their male counterparts when it comes to binge drinking, and paying the price with their health.

Auckland Hospital has seen a 30 percent rise in the past five years in the number of youth going to emergency rooms as a result of drinking. Among these youth, females are standing out as the overachievers when it comes to consumption.

Rebecca Williams, Alcohol Health Watch Director, noted that it is not males who are predominately making up the increase in hospital admissions due to excessive drinking. She reports that young women are showing up more and more in hospitals as a result of binge drinking activities.

She also claimed she is not surprised, given the marketing tactics employed by alcohol companies to target women. The market has seen incredible growth in the marketing to young women, said Williams, with the messaging changing focus. In the past, marketing focused primarily on beer, but has changed focus to go after the female market.