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New Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program Focuses on Families and Teens

Posted in Alcohol Abuse

In Australia, a new program is being launched to help bring families and young people together in an effort to curb alcohol abuse among teenagers. “Linking Youth and Families Together” will provide counseling to young people in danger of becoming problem drinkers.

The pilot program will operate in Melbourne’s southern and eastern suburbs and in Gippsland. The chief executive of Anglicare Victoria, Dr. Ray Cleary, says the program will place emphasis on the role of families in stamping out problem drinking.

"The program will include therapeutic counseling for both the family and the individual and hopefully we will be able to tap into the strengths of families and help them address the issues as much as we are with the young person," he said.

The program will also help parents talk to their children about responsible drinking.

"The approach will also be about helping adults realize how young people can simply copy their own behavior so it’s about responsible drinking within the whole family, not just for the young person, but also hopefully for adults as well so that there’s a role model approach in this particular program."