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British Report Claims 90 Percent of Adults Fail Alcohol Unit Test

Posted in Alcohol Abuse

According to a recent online article, nearly 90 percent of adults in Britain have no idea just how strong their drinks are and failed the alcohol unit test. The latest research from the British Report surveyed over 2,000 adults and only nine percent of adults were able to identify that a 250mL glass of red wine contains the most alcohol.

Managing Director, Tim Wilson with the Wilson Drinks Report, said that when consumers were asked to pick from a popular drinks list, only 43 percent thought that Red Bull and three times single vodka carried the most units of alcohol. Wilson also said only eight percent of them thought a pint of Stella Artois (five percent) premium lager contained the largest amount. The findings highlight the Military Police’s concern that guidelines haven’t been updated for alcohol consumption for over 20 years.

A recent report from the committee for Science and Technology, collaborates the idea which identifies the fact the British public understanding of alcohol consumption is fairly poor. Wilson added that last years’ ONS study shows that while 90 percent of adults surveyed understand and are aware of units of alcohol, they don’t know which alcoholic beverages do contain the most alcohol. He says it is a concern that many people still are not aware that a large glass of wine, containing 250ml, does contain the most amount of alcohol. Wilson notes that over a quarter percent weren’t even aware of what alcoholic beverages contained the most units. He believes this creates a large opportunity for both the Government and drink industry to improve the level of communication and awareness between them.

Clearly, British adults need to be more aware of how potent their choice of alcoholic beverage is.