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Alcohol’s Effects on The Brain

Posted in Alcohol Abuse

More evidence is revealed that the effects of alcohol can differ greatly between drinkers. A recent study indicates that some individuals may be more likely to experience blackouts while drinking than others.

Researchers say that it has more to do with their brain activity and how it reacts to alcohol than the amount a person drinks. This research may help explain why some people decide to drive after drinking and others know when to turn the keys over. It also may help to understand why young people who drink makes the decisions they do.

It may not only be how a person’s body metabolizes the alcohol, but also how their brain reacts to the adult beverages. Researchers conducted the study on individuals who had a history of blackouts after drinking and those who have not.

They had some of the subjects drink alcohol and some did not. They then asked them to complete memory tests and examined MRI scans to see how their brain reacted. The tests helped them determine that there was more to the individual person than a cookie-cutter answer for why people behave the way they do when they drink.

This research is interesting in the fact that if all people who drink could learn how their brain reacts to the beverage, then they would have a better idea of whether they should continue to consume alcohol.

Most people know that drinking will affect their brain in some capacity, but now knowing that one person’s tolerance for the beverage could be drastically different from another could help them know their limits better.

If you choose to drink, responsibility is always important and understanding your body and mind and how it reacts could be another element of accountability to keep yourself and others safe.