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Forgiving Yourself Can Help You Abstain from Alcohol Use

Posted in Alcohol Abuse

A recent study from East Tennessee State University and the University of Michigan shows that those who struggle with alcohol abuse problems often go through a wide variety of emotions relating to its use. Many experience anger, guilt and frustration.

This study suggests that forgiving yourself helps to lower your chance for a relapse among those who experience abuse alcohol, according to a recent blog. The research team says forgiveness is internal and the correlation between forgiveness and your health is believed to be both direct and indirect. The team found the resulting stress can negatively impact your physical health when you are not able to forgive yourself or others. Previous studies also showed that forgiveness provides many mental health benefits for those who struggle to overcome their alcohol addiction.

People who have had alcohol problems have previously stated that a key part in their recovery process was the ability to forgive past behaviors. Researchers studied 149 people undergoing treatment for alcohol while assessing their mental health and frequency of their alcohol consumption. They assessed individuals in the beginning of treatment and again at the end of six months of treatment.

The team found that understanding the correlation between alcohol and forgiveness was the primary factor relating to their problems with alcohol. High levels of forgiveness towards others were indirectly or directly linked to lower levels of psychiatric suffering, which was then associated to less problems with alcohol.

Forgiveness was the main component that specifically facilitated an increase in days of abstinence as well as the daily number of drinks consumed and proved to be a successful intervention tool.