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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Posted in Addiction News

The less exposure you have to alcohol, the less likely you are to drink it.

That’s according to a recent article with information on a new study that says advertising encourages binge drinking. Researchers say the result is if you see it on television, then you’re more likely to go out and buy booze.

The statistics show this is especially effective with teens. If they see drinking on TV, then it increases the chance that they too will drink. Officials also believe that if the prices of alcohol increases or additional taxes are imposed on adult beverages, binge drinkers will pay the costs while modest drinkers may not.

The study indicates that alcohol-specific advertising has a higher return with the consumer than any other product on the market. So are marketers for alcohol just doing a better job of getting to their target, or is there really a cause-effect situation that arises from seeing to sampling?

This is an interesting study in the fact that more and more young teens are turning to alcohol and are often the demographic that binge drink. Is drinking being glamorized in the media so young adults see this and model the behavior?

Some lawmakers believe that is the case and that the only way to cut down on underage and binge drinking is to eliminate the amount of advertising that is being allowed. If they don’t see it, then they won’t buy it or try to find someone else who will.

So what if the teens see their parents drinking? Does this increase the likeliness that they will drink because they’re exposed to it at home? These are all questions that need to be answered as well.

It may not be so much that the advertisers and TV are making alcohol look enticing to young people, but they should also be showing responsibility while indulging. That too could make an impact in a positive way.