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Studies Offer Contradicting Arguments for Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Posted in Addiction News

While recent reports have touted the benefits of moderate drinking, there may be more facts to consider before deciding to make alcohol consumption part of your everyday diet. Miller-McCune recently posted a report that suggests there may be more negative news than we once thought.

Reports emerged in February that highlighted the association between moderate drinking and higher rates of breast, liver and rectal cancer among women. Quickly on its heels was a study that showed a correlation between alcohol use and an increased risk for pancreatic cancer. Still another research team produced documentation that found higher rates of prostate cancer in men who consumed even moderate amounts of alcohol.

With so much bad news all at once, it could easily be assumed that there is no healthy level of alcohol and it should always be avoided. Yet, another study begged to differ as it showed men and post-menopausal women who consumed moderate amounts of alcohol had higher bone mineral density.

Conflicting reports can lend to confusion when trying to make a decision about the benefits or risks of consuming alcohol. And, some casual drinkers may find the cancer risk outweighs the bone mineral density benefits. Katherine L. Tucker, of Tufts University, led the group that examined the findings from the bone study which showed a fine line between healthy and hurtful.

According to Tucker, bone density was higher among those individual who consumed one to two drinker per day when compared with non-drinkers. Yet at the same time, osteoporosis was highest amongst heavy drinkers. So, moderation is important if a person chooses to drink.

Tucker and other experts in the field recommend that a person know and understand their own risks before making a choice on taking the first drink. What could be beneficial for some, could also be life-threatening for others. There are no absolutes, but moderation appears to be the best choice every time.