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New Celebrity Ted Williams Enters Rehab for Alcoholism, Cites Fears of Relapse

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Ted Williams, who gained fame with lightning speed in early 2011 for his awe-inspiring transformation from homeless to celebrity, has recently entered an alcohol rehab. Williams’ story of success, mixed with bouts of alleged alcoholism, could reflect the rocky, ongoing struggle for millions of recovering alcoholics.

Williams’ entrance into rehab, spurred by an interview with television psychologist Dr. Phil, is continuing to capture public and media attention as another fascinating element of his story. Like many suffering with alcoholism, Williams had managed a period of sobriety, but was believed headed back into a relapse. Even after several years’ sobriety, many recovering alcoholics remain in danger of experiencing cravings or relapse.

During the first few days of 2011, Ted Williams’ story began to unfold and captured the nation’s eye. Once a very successful radio voice who lost his family and career to alcohol and drugs, he went from homeless and holding a handwritten sign asking for help — to jobs for national advertisers, such as Kraft Foods and potential offers from ESPN – during a ten-day period.

Telling the world he wanted to start a new life separate from his past with alcohol and drugs, Williams posted a sample of his voice qualities on YouTube. Soon the video had 13 million hits and Williams’ transformation had officially begun. Only a few days later, he appeared on The Today Show in New York and became reunited with his mother after ten years apart.

Immediately after, Ted Williams was invited to claim a role on Oprah Winfrey’s new television network, but, as he said in interviews, he began to feel the pressure from new and unanticipated fame and was concerned about relapsing into substance and alcohol abuse. Williams took matters into his own hands and began talking with a therapist.

Just seven days after his first video clip as a homeless man was posted on a television network website by a reporter, Ted Williams found himself held for a short time at the police department in Los Angeles. He was reported to have entered an altercation with his daughter. His daughter reported that Williams drinks a bottle of vodka nightly.

At this time, Dr. Phil managed to get Williams to confess to possible alcohol-related behaviors, like public aggressiveness and stealing cars. Just one day later, Williams’ family stated their own fears that he will hit a relapse back into alcoholism, and that day that the new celebrity entered a rehab center.

At least 76 million people are believed to suffer from alcohol addiction and dependence. Causes linked to alcoholism include genetic factors, the age at which a person started drinking, their levels of stress and if they have depression or other mental disorders, such as ADHD.

Treatment can include self-help groups, like Alcoholics anonymous, but many experts believe a professional treatment facility is one of the strongest tools toward starting on a journey toward recovery that can last a lifetime – as evident in celebrity cases like Ted Williams.